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Don't dread driving in the heat!

Air conditioning is a wonderful extra for a car to have. It helps you stay cool in the summer and demists the windows through the winter. At Keith's Workshop Services we know on those scorching hot days its worth every penny. But did you know your cars A/C system needs servicing every three years? Over time the cars A/C gas leaks out the system even if there is no leak, which in turn makes it not feel as cool as it used to. Our A/C service will remove your old gas and replace it with the correct quantity, so your cars system goes back to its icy coldest. It only take 45 minutes so you can even have it done while you wait!

We also carry out air conditioning repairs on all makes and models. With expert knowledge we can always get to the root cause of why your cars A/C has stopped working. If your A/C is producing a funny smell we also have a special machine that can eliminate the bad odor. Don't forget when you combine any service with an A/C service you get 50% off!!!



Stay cool in the heat and arrive relaxed

A/C is not only good at keeping you cool but amazing for demisting windows in the winter

Receive 50% off an A/C regas when you combine it with a service!

We can tackle any A/C repair to get your A/C system up and running again.

Air conditioning servicing starts from only £65 inc VAT.

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