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Did you know timing belts are a service item? They are an integral part to your engine running correctly, a broken timing belt is a disaster and in some cases can write a car off! They should be replaced depending on the manufactures specification. This is determined by miles or years, which ever comes first. For example the interval maybe every 50,000 miles or ten years. If you need to know your interval please call to find out and get a quote.

At Keith's Workshop Services we also replace timing chains. Our Mitcham garage has all the latest timing kits to ensure your timing belt or chain is replaced and correctly set up. With these parts being so important we only use original equipment parts, so whats going back in is as good as what came out! We are very competitive on price and have years of experience in this complicated process. In some cases we can replace your timing belt while we give your car a service.

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Car timing belt and timing chain replacement

Broken timing belts and timing chains could cost up to ten times the replacement if they break!

Getting peace of mind for the miles ahead

Replacing your timing belt or noisy chain can give you years more driving

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Timing belt replacement on all cars/vans.

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Timing chain replacement on makes and models.

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No matter your car or van we have the experience, knowledge and equipment to get the job done.