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All Your car electrical problems fixed

Parking sensors to windows not opening we have the power

With hundreds of sensors and miles of wiring running through out your car/van, its no wonder there can be the odd electrical issue. From windows not opening, to central locking not locking we will undertake any electrical issue. Keith's Workshop Services have been tackling the most complex electrical issues for over 20 years. Always making sure to test a failed component before fitting a new one, no guess work here! With MOT's becoming stricter and stricter it is so important to make sure the electrical components on your car are in full working order. We often repair most electrical issues while carrying out your annual service to.

We have complex and advanced diagnostic equipment to help make sure we can fix the problem first time. Why not give us a call and get that annoying problem fixed today.

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5 star customer service

with over 100+ reviews

Get things up and running again
Your cars electrical issues are not the end of the world
car electrical issue

There is no issue to big or small from light bulbs to dashboard warning lights.

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car electrical problems

We go the extra miles by fault testing the component.

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As electrical experts once we have found the fault, we will then test and replace the part.

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When Combined With A Service

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