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2017 BMW Diagnostics

Diagnostic checks carried out on all makes  and models

Most people are unaware that your cars Engine Management Light being on is now an MOT failure. Under new rules it is now classed as a major fault. For over 20 years Keith's Workshop Services has been experts in the field of engine management and electronics. Constantly updating diagnostic equipment, software and training to ensure we are capable of tackling any dashboard light or fault.

There are many reasons why your ABS, air bag, engine, transmission or traction control light might be on. Diagnosing and understanding why this is the case is not only good practise but cost effective for the customer. Saving time and changing parts that might not be the cause of the issue. With the modern car having hundreds of sensors, miles of wiring and ever tightening emission laws it has never been more important to stay on top of potential issues.

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The latest diagnostic equipment

5 star customer service

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Don't leave it until it's to late
Leaving a engine management light on is now and instant MOT failure
dashboard warning light

Diagnostics starts from only £39, this covers the plug in charge and is the start to finding your problem.

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We can plug into any make or model of any age.

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As electrical experts once we have found the fault, we will then test and replace the part.

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50% off A/C Regas!

When Combined With A Service

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