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2017 BMW Diagnostics

Diagnostics that can gets to the heart of the problem quickly

Now the new MOT laws have come into force, its more important than ever to get that warning light out. It is now an instant failure if a management warning light is on your dashboard. We have the latest up to date diagnostic equipment to tackle any light on or electrical issue on any car. Our highly trained technicians have the expertise to diagnose why the light is on, and how to get it off without spending on unnecessary costs or repairs. Our diagnostic equipment will also reset your cars service indicator after the car has been serviced.


Our experience has taught us that many workshops use diagnostic equipment as an excuse to change parts, even tho it may be unnecessary to. Leading to a light or problem not going away. In some cases a light might not be on, but the car might not be running correctly. Our diagnostic equipment will help get to the route cause of the problem, and get you back up and running! After every service our equipment is used to turn off the service indicator.

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Car and van diagnostics experts for all warning lights

Don't leave it until its to late

Leaving a engine management light on is now and instant MOT failure

dashboard warning light

Diagnostics starts from only £39, this covers the plug in charge and is the start to finding your problem.

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We can plug into any make or model of any age.

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As electrical experts once we have found the fault, we will then test and replace the part.