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Replacing any exhaust, catalytic converter or DPF

We have a wide range of additives and diagnostic equipment to stop costly repairs

Exhaust systems are important to maintaining fuel economy and emission levels. At Keith's Workshop Services we can replace any exhaust, catalytic converter or DPF on any car or van. From rattles, bangs, smoking, MOT failure to a warning light on your dashboard we have got it covered. With the MOT emission test stricter than ever we have the equipment to make sure your car has no problem meeting the new standard. With DPF's now common place on diesel cars/vans, we have the latest and up to date diagnostic equipment to make sure it is never replaced unnecessarily. We can also re-gen your DPF or send it away for cleaning. Repairing exhausts where possible. If your not sure your exhaust has a problem why not pop in for a free safety check?! 

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All your exhaust needs in one place

There is nothing we do not know about exhausts so get in touch

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Not sure if your exhaust needs replacing? Then pop in and we can help.

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We can replace, clean or re-gen your car or vans DPF. Only using the highest quality parts.

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We aim to provide a same day service when replacing any exhaust, catalytic converter or DPF.

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If things are a bit tight maybe we can help?

We offer finance options to help our valued customers keep there car on the road

Credit Check

It takes only a matter of minutes to complete a basic credit check. This is completed online and all information will be stored electronically. 

How long?

How long would you like your finance agreement to be. Simply choose between 3 and 6 months.


Transactions will have to be between £500 and £3000 to eligible for finance, and will be totally interest free.


Once the finance has been agreed and the work carried out all parts fitted come with a 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty.

50% off A/C Regas!

When Combined With A Service