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We are moving and changing our name

Keith's Workshop Services has purchased Safari Cars Ltd. Safari Cars has been established for over 50 years and has a well renowned reputation for quality and customer service. Like us they have been family run from the beginning and pride them selves on there relationship with their customers. Keith and Steve will be the new owners with an excellent and experienced team of mechanics in the workshop. We will now be able to offer our own MOT's and tyres as well as the things we have always been able to do.

Safari Cars is only a 4 minute drive or a 10 minute walk from our current location. Still has great public transport links including bus, tram and tube. In time as the months pass the website, email and phone number will begin to stop working and we will only use Safari Cars current contact details, which you can find below.

This is a fantastic opportunity for us and our customers to take advantage of a more user friendly site, bigger workshop, more staff to cut down on lead times and in house MOT'S and tyres. We hope to see you there!!!



Safari Cars Ltd

Unit 4 Batsworth Road




Opening Hours

Monday to Friday   08:15 to 17:15


Saturday                     Closed


Sunday                        Closed

020 8685 0123

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